Amphibious Forces


07 January 2001

 U.S.S. Tarawa (LHA 1)

 The Amphibious Assult Ship is the one of the largest commissioned vessel in the U.S. Navy, second only to the Aircraft Carrier. The Tarawa was commissioned in 1976 , displasses 39,300 tons and is 820 ft. long. Her flight deck can handle both helos and the AV-8A Harrier.




U.S.S. Iwo Jima (LPH 2)

The Iwo Jima was the first ship designed and constructed to carry helicopters. She was 18,000 tons and 602 feet long and was commissioned in 1961.



U.S.S. Newport (LST 1179)

 The Newport was commissioned in 1969 and incorporated a unique bow ramp rather than the traditional open bow doors. She is 522 feet long and displaces 8450 tons. The Newport can carry up to 431 troops that can be landed on the beach.


U.S.S. Austin (LPD 4)

The USS Austin was commissioned in 1965 as is designed along the lines of a World War II Dock Landing Ship. She is designed with an aft well deck that can be flooded to allow landing craft to "float" out. The Austin can carry up to 930 troops for amphibious assults.