Local Artists of the Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is noted for many things including it's pristine shorelines, birds of all types and for it's many local carvers and artists. Below are a few of the many wonderful artists found here.




 Cherrystone Bar Light

Cherrystone Bar Light guarded the entrance to Cherrystone Creek until it was dismantled and moved north to serve out it's fnal days near Baltimore, MD.

 Plantation Light

Plantation Light was built on a pile of rocks deposited south west of Cape Charles harbor. Long since destroyed, the submerged rocks serve as a favorate fishing reef in the area.

 Linda Neville

 Linda Neville is an art teacher at Kiptopeke Elementary School near Cape Charles, Virginia. Mrs. Neville, an artist in her own right, has produced many sketches and prints of landscapes found along Virginia's Eastern Shore. The sketches above are but two of her many pieces of art. Linda Neville may be contacted at 757-331-1099.


 Hog Island Station


 Thelma Peterson

 Thelma Peterson is an artist located near Machipongo,VA. Mrs. Peterson's work has gained national fame with a wide range of subjects inclusing wildlife, still life, and a series of prints of early Coast Guard stations along Virginia's Eastern Shore. Thelma Peterson may be contacted at 757-678-5037 or e-mail at charlesp@esva.net.