U.S.Coast Guard Auxiliary Insigina

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by an Act of Congress in 1939 as a reserve of trained citizens. During World War II, the Temporary Reserve was created from this cadre of citizen sailors and performed a vital role is port security and coastal patrols thus releaving regular Coast Guardsmen for combat duty. Identified below are the various insignia for officers at the various levels of the Auxiliary.
National Level


National Commodore


National Vice Commodore


(Old National Rear Commodore)

Directorate Commodore


Department Chief


Division Chief


Branch Chief



District Level


District Commodore


DistrictVice Commodore


District Rear Commodore


District Staff Officer.


Assistant District Staff Officer



Division Level


Division Captain


Division Vice Captain


Division Staff Officer


Flotilla Level


Flotilla Commander


Vice Flotilla Commander


Flotilla Staff Officer