Aircraft Carriers


07 January 2001


U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN 68)

 The lead ship of the second generation of nuclear powered aircraft carrier was commissioned in 1975. At a size of 91,487 tons and 1092 feet long, she is one of the largest man-made objects in the world.


U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65)

 The USS Enterprise was the nation's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. She was commissioned in 1961, displaces 89,600 tons full loaded and is 1,123 ft long. She is assigned to the Altantic Fleet and is currently homeported in Norfolk, VA.


 USS America

CVA 66

The USS America was completed in 1965 and was the third of the "Improved Forrestal" class to be built. Displacing 60,000 tons, she is 1,047 feet long.



 USS Saratoga

CVA 60

The USS Saratoga was completed in 1957 and was the second in the "Forrestal" class to be built. She is 1,046 feet long and displaces 60,000 tons.



 USS Midway

CVA 41

The USS Midway was designed during World War II but was not completed in time to take part in the war. Completed in 1945 she was extensively modernized in 1957 which included improved landing systems and an angled flight deck, both of which enabled her to handle larger jet aircraft.She displaces 45,000 tons and is 968 feet long.


 USS Essex

CV 9

The USS Essexwas designed just prior to World War II. Completed in 1942 she saw action in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. She was extensively modernized over her 30 year career including improved landing systems and an angled flight deck, both of which enabled her to handle larger jet aircraft.She displaced 27,000 tons and was 874 feet long. There were 24 ships built in the Essex class.



 USS Gilbert Islands

CVE 107

The USS Gilbert Islands was completed in 1945 just prior to the end of World War II. She was an escort carrier. Too late to take part in the action against japan, she did see action in the Korean War in 1952. Following the Korean War, she was converted to a communications relay ship, renamed the USS Annapolis and redisnignated and an AGMR in the early 1960's. She displaced 11,373 tons and was 557 feet long. Over 70 escort carriers were built during World War II.



 USS Langley

CV 1

The USS Langley began her career in 1912 as the collier Jupiter and provided coal for the fleet until her conversion to an aircraft carrier in 1920. Her name was changed to Langley upon conversion and she could steam at 15 knots. She had room to carry up to 34 biplanes and was a valuable platform for training carrier pilots prior to World War II. The Langley was America's only operational carrier until the Lexingington and Saratoga joined the fleet in the late 1920's. The Langley was later converted to an aircraft transport with her flightdeck being shortened. The Langley was sunk in the Pacific in February of 1942 by Japanese planes.