U.S.S. California (CVN 36)

 The USS California (CGN 36) was commissioned in 1971 and was nuclear powered. She displassed 11,100 tons (loaded) and carried an array of armament including Harpoon ship to ship as well as air to air missils. She also carried 2 - 5" guns.



U.S.S. Ticonderoga (CG 47)

 The Ticonderoga was the first of the Aegis missile cruisers. She was commissioned in 1983 and displaces 9055 tons. The advanced Aegis system allows her to not only protect herself from incoming missiles but also allows her to track missiles fired at other ships in her area.



U.S.S. Santa Fe (CL 60)

The USS Santa Fe was a light cruiser commissioned in 1942 during World War II. She was 608 ft. long and listed at 10,000 tons. She spent much of the war doing convoy and fire support missions. On March 19, 1945 she provided fire fighting and anti-aircraft support for the carrier Franklin (CV 13) which had been severly damaged by Japaneese aircraft off of the coast of Japan.