Destroyers, Destroyer Escorts and Frigates


07 January 2001



U.S.S. Arleigh Burke (DDG-51)

 The Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) was commissioned in 1991. She is 446 Ft long and currently is assigned to the Altlantic Fleet and based out of Norflok, VA. She is armed with a variety of missiles mounted in a flush deck design as well as a 5" gun forward. She has the Aegis weapon control system that operates like that found on the Ticonderoga class cruiser.



U.S.S. Olicer Hazard Perry (FFG 7)

 The guided missile frigate Oliver Hazard Perry was commissioned in 1977, She displaces 3,605 tons and is 445 ft. long. The Perry class frigate was designed as an escort vessel and is armed with a single 76 mm gun midships and a single rail missile launcher forward.


USS Watts

DD 567

The USS Wates, DD-567 Watts was a Fletcher Class destroyer that was laid down by Seattle Tacoma Shipbuilding on March 26, 1943. She was launched December 31 1943 and commissioned April 29 1944. The Watts served honorably through the end of World War II and was decommissioned April 12 1946. With the begining of the Korean War, she was recommissioned July 6 1951 and served on active duty until decommissioned again on September 26 1969. She was stricken from the Navy Registry on and February 1 1974, sold August 16 ,1974 and broken up for scrap.


USS McDougal

DD 54

Laid down by Bath Iron Works,Bath Me. on July 29 1913. Launched April 22 1914 and commissioned June 16 1914. McDougal decommissioned at Philadelphia May 26 1922 and berthed with the reserve fleet until loaned to the Coast Guard as CG-6 on June 7 1924 and returned on June 30, 1933. She was stricken July 5 1934, sold August 22 1934 and broken up for scrap.