Fixed Wing Aircraft


09 January 2001

The US Coast Guard has been involved with aircraft since the first manned flight by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903. On that day, men from the local Life Saving Station assisted in getting the Wright Flyer into the air. Since that day, the USCG has moved from cloth and wood to ultra modern jets for assiting with SAR and law enforcement.

   The HC-130 "Hercules" was designed in the 1950's as a military transport and used extensively by all services for transprotation of materials and personel. The Coast Guard uses the HC-130 for offshore SAR as well as serving as a transport.

   The HU-25A "Falcon" is the Coast Guards first operational jet. Its serves in the role of SAR as well as law enforcement.

   The Gulfstream VC-11A is used as a small transport by the Coast Guard. It is based on the twin engine Gulfstream that is used in commerical aviation.